Frequently Asked Questions

Before coming to Guatemala many of my customers write to me with questions and concerns. I am a Canadian living here for the past 27 years and I do know the area quite well.

Please feel free to contact me with your questions regarding recent events. i.e. Hurricanes and airport closures or delays on the roads because of mudslides. We are generally kept up to date on stuff like that.

General recommendations on what to include in your luggage:

Your favourite remedy for tummy bug, mosquito spray if you are planning on going to the coast and earplugs if you are a light sleeper. Barking dogs and crowing roosters abound all over Guatemala.

Thankfully at Jenna’s Bed and Breakfast it is very peaceful an quiet.

If you have some questions of your own, please do not hesitate to write to me at jennapana@gmail.com or use the skype button below.

As you would anywhere else, it is important not put yourself in a vulnerable position from which you don’t have an out. Generally, I would say it is not dangerous as long as you plan your transportation with reputable companies and don’t wander around in certain areas of the capital city. Once you get out to the small towns, like Panajachel, then it is quite safe.

Quite easy. Transportation can be arranged in advance by Jenna’s B&B. It is approximately a 3 hour trip by private shuttle. The collective shuttles take a little longer as they go through Antigua picking up other people. Do check with me for the current rates.

There are several good doctors in Panachel who will come to the B&B if necessary to attend to anyone who needs it. If there is a serious problem, then there is a small private hospital in Solola. If the medical problem requires it, then a trip to the city would have to be undertaken.

NOTE: In my experience, doctors are well trained and one is well looked after when the need arises. There are also many alternative medical treatments available in Panachel such as a chiropractor and natural medical practices.

If your child is up to date with vaccinations, then I would not hesitate to recommend bringing them. It is certainly a wonderful experience for them and they will be especially well received by the Mayans.

It is always recommended to drink bottled water. I also recommend that you use bottled water for brushing your teeth too.

All the yurts are supplied with fresh drinking water on a daily basis.